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An initiative of Angelique Hagenaar & Marcel Mellema

We proudly announce our new project!


Marcel Mellema | Fine art photographer

Angelique Hagenaar | Life artist


Participate in our Imagine As One project!


Imagine a world where simplicity, innocence and diverse nationalities come together.


Our goal:

We want to capture children of 100 different nationalities in 100 black and white portraits, all with closed eyes.


That is why we are looking for children from 6 to 9 years old, to involve them at our inspiring art project!


This with a message of peace, happiness, love and positivity


These children, from different corners of the world, embody the purity and innocence that we want to promote in the world.


In their closed eyes we see no differences in nationality or background, but rather one

shared dream of peace, love and unity.


These children remind us that as adults we can follow an example

their uncomplicated view of life.


With this project we want to spread a message of positivity, emphasizing that diversity is a force that unites us.


Our wish is to realize a book and a traveling exhibition.


Let us strive together for a world where we can all be as one, with our hearts open to understanding and love.



We organize photo sessions in our studio in Oosterbeek.

During some weekends (dates will be announced after the selection).


Do you want to be part of this special project or do you know someone?


You can only register via email with the subject Imagine As One project and your surname.


We would like to receive your details, name, age, nationality plus 2 recent photos.


Send your details to:


This is to register and/or for more information.


If you have been selected by us, you will receive a personal message with the invitation.


Help us bring positivity to the world!


Together we can spread a wave of positivity and make the world a more beautiful place!


Marcel Mellema

Angelique Hagenaar


Get in touch and send us an e-mail:

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